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CAANO FCU & RiverLand FCU Merger Updates

We are excited to welcome you to RiverLand Federal Credit Union!

We apologize for any inconvenience the merger process has caused. Our team is here to assist you and answer any of your questions.  Below we have addressed many of the issues that may concern you.

New Account Numbers

The numbers “55” will be added as a prefix to your current CAANO EFCU account number which will then be your new RiverLand FCU account number. For example, if your CAANO EFCU account number was 1234, your RiverLand account number will be 551234. Before November 1st, you will receive your RiverLand new member packet containing your new account numbers for savings, checking, and loan accounts.


New RiverLand Checks

Before November 1st, new RiverLand replacement checks will be ordered and mailed to all active CAANO checking account holders AT NO CHARGE. You may begin using your new RiverLand checks November 1st.  Any CAANO EFCU checks you write thru October 31st will continue to clear your account until December 31, 2018.


New RiverLand Debit Cards

November 1st, new RiverLand debit cards will be issued and mailed to all active CAANO debit cardholders. Please be sure to activate your new debit card and select your PIN prior to November 1st. Your CAANO EFCU debit card may not be used after 10:00 a.m. October 31st when all debit cards will be deactivated. For security purposes, destroy any CAANO EFCU debit cards after activation of your new RiverLand debit card.


ACH Deposits and Payments

Effective November 1st, all ACH deposits and incoming payments should be re-directed to your new RiverLand account number and RiverLand’s routing number. To continue your ACH deposits without interruption, you’ll need to contact your employer (pension administrator, Social Security, or any companies that automatically deposit to your account) with your new account information. This information will be included in the new member packet you receive.


Electronic Payments – Incoming and Outgoing

Effective November 1st, be sure to update your new RiverLand account information with all existing pre-authorized payees such as Entergy, Atmos, etc. You’ll also need to provide your new RiverLand account information for all incoming electronic payments from other financial institutions that are received as payment towards your CAANO EFCU loans. Be sure to update any of these existing payments with RiverLand’s mailing address since some pre-authorized payments are made by mailed check.


Automatic Internal Account Deductions, Transfers, and Payments

Any pre-merger automatic internal account deductions, transfers, and payments will continue without interruption. Please be sure to monitor your account activity for accuracy.


Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Bill-Pay

CAANO EFCU online banking will no longer be available after 10:00 a.m. October 31st when it will be deactivated. November 1st, you will have account access via any computer, tablet, or smartphone once you enroll as a first-time user in RiverLand’s Free Online Banking. Mobile Banking and Bill-Pay are also available Free to members enrolled in Online Banking. Visit us online to enroll at riverlandfcu.org.


More than 80,000 Branch and ATM Locations Available

November 1st, you will have access to all RiverLand branch offices plus the vast Co-Op Shared Branch and ATM network, giving you free account access at more than 5,000 branch offices and 75,000 ATMs nationwide. You can find locations and hours on our website, with our Mobile App, or by phone: 888.748.3266.


Account Disclosures and Fee Schedule

All account disclosures will be included in the new member packet you receive. They are also available on RiverLand’s website.


RiverLand FCU Phone Numbers and Website

riverlandfcu.org · 504.576.5800 · 800.586.4RCU(4728)


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