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Hurricane Ida Insurance Payments

When you receive your insurance check, you will see that it is made payable to you and RiverLand Federal Credit Union.  Be sure to have all parties endorse the check and then come to one of our offices so we can give you the information you need to proceed.  Please note that we’ll need a copy of your adjuster’s report.

Generally, if your property damage is less than $40,000 and your account is in good standing, we will not need to monitor your repair progress. Instead, we’ll endorse your check so you can begin your repairs. (If you are depositing your insurance check into your RiverLand account, regular check holds will apply.)

Insurance checks greater than $40,000 will need to be reviewed individually.  Please email or fax a copy of the check and your adjuster’s report to mortgages@riverlandcu.org or 504-576-5626 respectively.  Our mortgage department will contact you once they’ve reviewed your documents.

If you have another financial institution listed as payee on your insurance check and holds the first mortgage on your property, RiverLand will generally endorse your check so the first mortgage holder can assist with your repair process.

For additional questions, please contact our loan department at 504-576-5800x2.

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