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Important Changes to eAlerts
Account Activity Notifications

To improve the delivery speed and quality of your account activity alerts (also known as eAlerts), we are upgrading to a new and improved Alerts program. The new program provides more timely notifications, plus you can choose to have your alerts sent by text, email, or both! 

Important Note about Current eAlerts

When Online and Mobile Banking upgrade on January 17, 2023, the current eAlerts program will be discontinued and the new program will be made available. Therefore, your current email alert subscriptions will end. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience during this time.

We're Here to Help: In preparation for the upgrade, we suggest you log in to Online Banking and make note of your current alerts. Having a record of your current alert preferences will make setting up your new and improved alerts a breeze!

It's easy to set up Alerts!

Here's a guide for setting up Alerts after January 17, 2023.

  1. Sign in to Online Banking or the Mobile App.
  2. Select "Settings" in the Menu.
  3. Select "Alerts."
  4. Make sure your contact info is correct.
  5. On a desktop, you can select the tab labeled "My Alerts." 
    In the mobile app, click the toggle menu and select "My Alerts" from the dropdown.
  6. Click "Add New Subscription."
  7. Select your preferred alert from a wide variety of options.
  8. Choose your delivery method (you can select more than one).
  9. Choose the accounts you want this alert applied to.
  10. Save your changes and click "Ok" in the pop-up window.

Thank you for helping us make the Online and Mobile Banking Upgrade as smooth as possible!

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What are Alerts?

Alerts refer to account activity notifications which can be sent by text or email. They can help protect you from account fraud, preserve your credit by reminding you when payments are due, and even warn you when your balance drops too low, avoiding overdrafts and costly fees.

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