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Investment AccountsRiverLand FCU Investment Accounts

Accounts Designed for Our High-Balance Depositors!

For members with $1,000 or more, who want to earn high-yields on their deposits, we have the tools to make your money work for you.

Whether you want immediate access to your funds, or if you are prepared to lock in your money for a higher return, we have options especially for you. And all of our deposit accounts are federally insured.


For a Higher, Guaranteed Return with Terms from 12–60 Months!

If you like a sure thing, and peace of mind on your investments, our certificates are for you. We feature fixed rates for defined terms, and all of our deposits are federally insured. Plus, we have two options for you to choose from; Regular Certificates and Step-Up Certificates. Our Regular Certificates have a minimum balance of just $1,000. 

All of our Certificates have no monthly maintenance fees and, regardless of which one you choose, we give you the option of how you receive your dividends; they can be paid to you monthly, deposited into another account, or reinvested in your Certificate. Plus we offer Jumbo Certificates, IRA and HSA options (please call for details).

We've removed the rate risk from long-term, guaranteed investments with Step-Up Certificates!

With our Step-Up Certificates. you may increase, or "Step-Up," your earnings rate one time (for the remainder of your term) to the current rate on a like-term certificate.  Activating "Step-Up" is easy, there's no cost, and it can be done after just half of the certificate term. When you're ready to "Step-Up" your rate, all you have to do is contact one of our friendly Member Service Representatives. 

 Certificate Rates

Ready to Invest in a Certificate? 

To open a Certificate, contact one of our friendly Member Service Representatives by email, phone, or visit one of our offices: 504.576.5800x3 or 800.586.4RCU(4728)x3.


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