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Fraud Awareness

Beware of Emails, Texts, and Phone Calls Requesting Account Information

RiverLand Federal Credit Union will never request any personal or account information from you through email, text, or phone, and no other legitimate company will either.

Identity theft and the use of email, text messaging, and phone calls to fraudulently obtain unwary consumers' personal information are increasing daily, and we want you to be aware and protect yourself. DO NOT respond to any email, phone call, or text message that requests your personal information such as Social Security number, account numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, and corresponding usernames, passwords, and personal identification numbers (PINs), even if it appears that the contact came from a company that you typically conduct business with.  If you receive any contact that requests your information, do not provide it, do not click on a link within the message. Instead, immediately contact the company yourself, using a publicly published phone number or email address, and report the suspicious communication.

You may report suspicious emails and text messages to the following:



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