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Fee Schedule

Effective date: July 18, 2024

Confident that you will appreciate the many financial benefits of RiverLand Federal Credit Union membership, we invite you to compare our fees to those charged by other financial institutions.

Fee Schedule
Account Balancing $10.00/Hour and
$10.00 minimum charge
Account History $2.50
Check Cashing $10.00 for inactive accounts when balance is less than $100.00
Dormant Account $25.00/Month after one year of inactivity and balance is below $100.00
Item Sent for Collection $15.00
Levy/Garnishment/Legal Process $50.00
Membership Closing $5.00 if closed within the first 12 months
Notary - By Appointment at Main Office Only $15.00 member
$25.00 non-member
Official Check $5.00
Official Check Stop Payment $10.00
Returned Item $27.50
Returned Item - 3rd Party $27.50
Split Deposit $5.00 for inactive accounts when balance is less than $100.00 or when less than 1/2 of the check is deposited
Statement Copy $1.00/Page
Stop Payment $27.50
Telephone Transaction - Non-TONEY $1.00
Unclaimed Property/Escheat $100.00 or 20% of balance, whichever is greater
USPS Change of Address Notification or Returned Statement $5.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $12.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing International $37.00
Check Printing Prices vary by style
Courtesy Pay Fee $27.50 checking only
Overdraft - Savings $5.00 checking only, maximum 6 per calendar month
Overdraft - Credit Accounts $5.00 checking only
NSF Fee $27.50 checking & HSA, each submission/resubmission
Photocopy of Check $2.00 checking & HSA
Temporary Checks $3.00/8 checks, checking & HSA
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Inquiry $1.00
Replacement PIN $2.50
Replacement Card $10.00
Debit Card Receipt Copy $25.00
Christmas Club - Early Withdrawal $15.00 for withdrawals before September 30th
HSA ATM Withdrawal/Inquiry (any location) $1.00
HSA - Refund Excess Contribution $20.00
HSA & IRA - Account Closing $25.00 if closed within the first 12 months
IRA Transfer - Outgoing $25.00
Savings - Excessive Withdrawal $5.00 after 3 in-person withdrawals per calendar month
High-Yield Savings - Excessive Withdrawal $10.00 after 6 withdrawals per calendar month
Super Money Market Savings - Excessive Withdrawal $5.00 after 6 in-person withdrawals per calendar month


RiverLand Federal Credit Union's primary objective is to provide our members with quality financial services, economically priced, and consistently better than those available elsewhere. We make every effort to offer you free financial services however, as a non-profit financial cooperative, we must continuously examine the cost effectiveness of the services and service we provide, striving for a balance between member benefit and cost. Our philosophy is the members utilizing services, which cause additional expense for the Credit Union, should pay their fair share of the expense rather than all members absorbing the cost of services used by a few. Unlike other financial institutions, we do not view member service fees as an opportunity to earn additional income. Our fees are not inflated to generate revenue. By contrast, they are priced as low as possible to offset the expense we incur.

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