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Postpone your payments to free up extra cash!

Skip-A-Pay is our offer to postpone one month1 of scheduled loan payments on your eligible2 RiverLand loans. It's not just a one-time offer too! You can skip payments two times a year on each loan, based on a 12-month rolling period, making it a great way to free up extra cash when you need it. 

It's easy to Skip-A-Pay with Online Banking!

If you do not have Online Banking account access,
call for a Skip-A-Pay application: 504.576.5800x3 or 800.586.4RCU(4728)x3

To take advantage of Skip-A-Pay, there is a processing fee that must be on deposit: $25 if processed through Online Banking, and $30 if processed any other way. Restrictions and limitations apply. See Terms and Conditions or Application for details.  

1 The number of scheduled payments skipped per request will depend on your payment schedule and will be either:

  • 4 weekly payments
  • 2 bi-weekly payments
  • 2 semi-monthly payments
  • 1 monthly payment

2 The following accounts are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay: 

  • Delinquent loans and loans with late payment history
  • Accounts with a negative balance
  • Consolidation Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Loans that may exceed 20-year terms
  • Grand Loans
  • Loans with balances less than $1,000
  • Prime Plus & Elite Loans
  • New loans less than 180 days old
  • Mastercard® Accounts
  • Any type of Real Estate Loans
  • Modified Loans
  • Accounts not in good standing
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