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Couple on Laptop with Credit CardFree FICO Credit Score

Credit scores impact just about every significant aspect of your life!
                     Do you know yours?

One of the most important things you should know about your finances is your FICO credit score.  As you probably expect, these 3 numbers may affect if you are approved for a loan, the amount of money you may borrow, and what interest rate you will pay. But, did you know credit scores can also affect if you are approved for a cellphone, if you can rent an apartment, if you are issued a credit card, what you will pay for utility deposits, and the cost of auto or personal insurance?

Knowing your FICO score is the first step to your financial success.  But knowing your score is only a small part of your financial picture.  In addition to providing you with your score, our staff can help you understand and manage your score.  For RiverLand members, we'll review your credit score and credit report with you and discuss the behaviors that are impacting your score.  We may be able to give you tips and explain strategies to help you.  To get a better understanding of your credit score, just complete the short form below.

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Upon submission of this form, RiverLand Federal Credit Union will access your TransUnion credit report and contact you within 2-4 business days to discuss your credit report and score.

**I authorize RiverLand Federal Credit Union to conduct a review of my credit report and credit score. I understand that it will result in an inquiry to my report. If any discrepancies are detected, I realize it is my responsibility to correct them. By conducting this review, RiverLand does not imply, or guarantee to extend, an offer for credit. I understand, to be eligible for this service, I must be a "Member in Good Standing" of RiverLand Federal Credit Union. Allow at least 2-4 business days for us to contact you with your credit score. For more information, call Erica Villarejos at 504.576.5773.

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