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How to become a RiverLand FCU MemberAt RiverLand, you’re not just another customer, you’re a member and part-owner of a financial institution that has built its reputation on providing its members with unparalleled member service.  If you want to bank with people who care about you, and help you save money on your financial services, join RiverLand Federal Credit Union today!

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy! Just complete our membership application.

Lifetime Membership

Once you join RiverLand and establish your membership, you may remain an active member for your lifetime even if your membership eligibility should change.

There are Two Ways to Become a Member:

Employment - Membership eligibility may be based on your employment if you are employed by, are a contract employee of, or are a retiree of, one of our employer groups listed below.

Eligible Employer Groups

Family - Family members of a current RiverLand member may join. The following family members are eligible for membership: spouse, child, grandchild, great-grandchild, stepchild, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, stepparent, sibling, stepsibling, adoptive relationship, and household member.

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