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Personal LoansRiverLand FCU Personal Loans

Say “Goodbye High-Rates” with our Low-Rate Personal Loans!

Whether you want to make a big-ticket purchase, go on vacation, consolidate higher-rate debt, pay tuition, or just need extra cash every now and then, our personal loans provide low-rate options and affordable payments over terms ranging from 12-months to 4-years.

We can help you finance your goals and save money all at the same time. One of our friendly loan officers will be happy to speak with you about which type of loan best meets your needs. Call today for assistance: 504.576.5800x2 • 800.586.4728x2.

Secured Loans

Use the Borrowing Power of Your Built Up Savings!

You’ve worked hard for your money, now let your money work for you and borrow against your savings or certificate balances at the lowest possible loan rates.

When you have money on deposit with us, in either a savings account or certificate, we allow you to use those funds as security and borrow at just 2% above your earnings rate. And you can set your payments at any amount you like because you’re borrowing your own money.

As you pay your loan down, your savings build because it continues to earn dividends throughout the term of the loan. When your loan is paid, you still have your savings only it’s more than you had when you started.

Our Secured Loans are an economical way for first-time borrowers, and credit challenged individuals, to establish credit and build a positive credit score.

Here’s what our Secured Loan offers qualifying borrowers:

  • Low APR* just 2% above earnings rate
  • High credit limits up to your account balance
  • Affordable payments set at your discretion
  • No application fees
  • Fast processing

Let Your Money Work for You and Make a Secured Loan!  Apply Now

*APR is variable and subject to change based on Savings APR. This offer is available for a limited time to qualifying borrowers. Restrictions and limitations apply. Call for details.

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